Intimate & Romantic Church Wedding, Poole

Tom & Jemma got married on Saturday 10th October 2020 at Lytchett Minster Parish Church in Dorset. They had such a beautiful intimate wedding day after battling through so many challenges due to COVID 19 restrictions; they were true superstars and kept pushing on! Due to postponements and date clashes, one of my wonderful photographers in my associate team documented their wedding day on my behalf! Having my team of photographers on hand means I am able to deliver the Aimee Joy style of photography to even more lovely couples! Although of course, it would have been wonderful to have been their myself, I absolutely loved organising, editing and delivering their beautiful gallery to them and enjoyed seeing their wedding day story told through their photographs.

So, lets grab a cuppa and read all about their love story so far, how they met, their proposal, their wedding advice and hear all about the amazing wedding day that they had!

Tell us about your love story so far…

Tom and I both went to school together; of which we just knew each others names. On 09/08/10, my friend texted me inviting me to go Ice Skating at the BIC. I just thought it would be us and a couple of other friends. That very same day, Tom was bored at home with nothing to do. He messaged the exact same friend to see what she was doing. She mentioned that she was going ice skating and asked if Tom wanted to join. He of course said yes. At this point, I had zero idea he was coming. We’re sat on the steps of the entrance when he arrived; that was the first time we set eyes on each other. We were all a bit nervous to start with but we got our skates on and away we went! The conversation started to flowing. Then, Tom thought he’d fall over ‘accidentally’ of which I was to pick him up and make sure he’s okay… This then led to us holding hands and from that point on, we’ve never looked back! If Tom wasn’t bored that one day, we may had never officially met!

How would you describe each other in 3 words?

Jemma says, ” Tom is kind, funny and caring! “

Tom says, ” Jemma is perfect! Beautiful and generous.”

What are your favourite things to do together?

We just love being together, going out for meals and going on adventures!

Describe your process of finding ‘the one’ wedding dress!

Well, it was in the summer of 2018 and me and my mum decided to go into Isobels Bridal in Parkstone. We just wanted to enjoy the moment and try on lots of dresses. They had a sale on of which all of the dresses were incredible. I tried on about 10 and my mum picked a dress out that I thought I would definitely not like… but then I put it on and I knew with a few alterations it was the one. I’m a very thin person so I was seeing myself in a fitted long dress however, I ended up going with an off the shoulder A-line dress. So girls, always try on EVERY style of dress as you never know!

How did Tom Propose?

18th December 2016… Tom and I had been doing a long distance relationship so we only ever saw each other every 2 weeks. One Saturday morning, me and my mum had planned to go shopping which I was very excited about! Then, all of a sudden mum told me we were no longer going as dad wanted to go for a walk at Lulworth Cove. There’s me on the phone to Tom complaining about how I’m not going shopping of which I had zero idea he was at his mums in Dorset for the proposal! My parents thought when Tom asked for permission that he said ‘someday’ not ‘Sunday’. Anyways, we arrived at Lulworth Cove and started walking towards the beach, oblivious to what was about to happen! As we got closer I spotted Toms mum and sister. I was still completely clueless and kept saying ‘ what are the chances that we’re here at the same time on the same day! ’ Tom’s mum then told me that Tim’s (Tom’s stepdad) is really close the edge, so me being me is shouting ‘Timothy!’ Though as I get closer, I realise it’s not Tim … ITS TOM! He was stood there looking like a nervous wreck as I literally sprinted towards him and jumped into his arms. I hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks at this point so was SOO happy! He then got down on one knee, I was stamping my feet, heart was pounding and was just so overjoyed! It meant SO much to me and he proposed at the exact same place that he gave me a promise ring. We then all went for a drink in the local pub, it was the best day ever! He even hired a car to get back to Dorset. Just so thoughtful. I will never EVER forget it!!

What did you enjoy the most about planning your wedding?

I loved how much closer I became with my friends. Spending more time with them and allowing them to help me through this process was amazing. The dress shopping was a highlight – so amazing that I walked into Isobels Bridal just to try on a few dresses and ended up finding it there and then!

What did you find the hardest about planning your wedding?

The guest list. Trying to please family members is the hardest thing ever. Everyone has an opinion but what I’ve learned from the experience is to never let anyone control your decisions. It’s your day and it’s up to you and your partner.

What was your ceremony like?

The ceremony was small but intimate. I had planned this huge wedding with 100 guests and thought that was what I wanted; and then I started to think, did I actually truly want that? Having the smaller ceremony you could experience everyone’s emotions. I can imagine that when the church is full you probably don’t even realise who’s there! The restrictions were just 15 people in the church, so we had our parents, step-parents, siblings, best man, Nan’s and Aunties. Do I regret any of it… definitely not! My bridesmaids walked in front of me until we got to the church door. Toms friends performed a song in the church due to us not being able to sing.We did our first dance in the church to no music and one of my bridesmaids even prepared a little collaboration of videos from our friends and family. Little things I’ll remember forever!

What did you enjoy the most on your wedding day?

I think the obvious answer is seeing each other. Walking down that isle with my Dad seeing Tom slightly emotional was just so perfect. As I walked down, I acknowledged everyone that was in the church and you could truly see the happiness in them, that I was also feeling. They know that we had the worst time with the wedding being postponed so I could see that they were so happy for us to be getting married. I remember stepping out the car when I first arrived with everyone stood around the car park, cheering from a distance!

What was the most emotional moment of the day?

The video – my lovely bridesmaid prepared a video of messages from our friends and family. Another one would be the performance. Tom used to be in a band at university and the singer and guitarist played acoustically ‘I won’t give up’ by Jason Mraz and there was not a dry eye in the church! I was an absolute wreck and needed unlimited tissues.

What were you most looking forward to about your wedding day? (apart from becoming Mr & Mrs!)

The smiles – it’s been such a hard year for everyone and the one I wanted was to see was happiness. Even though many people were unable to come into the church, they waited outside in the cold and rain with confetti cannons. The feeling of such love for us was amazing! I can’t explain it and I’m glad we had something different to the norm.

What was it like having an associate photographer?

Although at first it felt slightly daunting, we had faith in Aimee that the associate photographer she had chose to capture our wedding day, would be a true representation of what we were after! We were looking for bright and natural photos and Drew well and truly delivered! We also had a videographer and they both worked so well together as a team, he was honestly great! Relaxed and so professional.

What are you favourite photos from your wedding day?

The confetti shot as we walked out of the church is the best one! Natural happiness.

What are you both looking forward to this next year?

Tom and I are finally living together after 10 years so we’re settling into our new life in Plymouth. We are looking forward to our wedding blessing and celebration in October 2021 and Aimee will be photographing it for us! Very excited!

What are you most looking forward to in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I think we will start to think about having a family, and also have a mortgage by then. We’re just enjoying the quality time with just the two of us as we have missed out on this due to long distance. 

Who were your Wedding Suppliers?

Dress – Isobels Bridal

Florist – Millys Florist

Hair – Eden Hair Studio

Makeup – Model Makeovers

Car Hire – RK Prestige

Bridesmaid Dresses – Wed2B

Groom Suits – Next

Waistcoats and Accessories – A F Joy

Wedding Cake – A family friend!

Confetti – Amazon

Decorations – Handmade

Do you have any advice for other Mr & Mrs To Be?

For anyone planning a wedding during this time, just go for it! From a female point of view, you want everything to be perfect and you feel like you want everyone else to think it’s perfect but remember what the day is actually about. It’s about 2 people who are committing themselves to each other for the rest of there lives. Enjoy the day as it will go by in a flash and don’t be a people pleaser – you do you!


December 10, 2020

Intimate & Romantic Church Wedding, Poole


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