Should you hire a second photographer for your wedding day?

I offer three main wedding photography collections all of which can be tailored to suit your needs and one of these options is a second photographer! In this blog I will explore some of the reasons why you may want to have a second photographer on your wedding day.

Groom Prep

The number one reason why many couples opt for a second photographer is so that both of your wedding mornings can be captured. This is the one part of your wedding day where you’re not together, so it is a way of sharing your morning’s experience with each other whilst adding to the full story of your wedding day. Grooms prep is generally very different to Bridal prep and it’s always fun to compare the two. The second photographer will capture the Groom’s details such as his shoes, bow ties, cuff links, pocket watches, fun colourful socks and buttonholes along with any gifts that are given, drinks, games and simply capturing all the fun and nerves of the morning with his groomsmen. I have photographed Grooms prep which include mini golf in the hotel room, Domino’s pizza deliveries, pub visits and lots of last-minute ironing of shirts!

I can’t be in two places at once

Extra coverage of your wedding day is my second most important reason for choosing to have two photographers. Throughout your entire wedding day there are amazing moments happening simultaneously. Whilst I am busy photographing all of the key parts of your day a second photographer is able to focus on capturing lots of candid shots and heartfelt moments between you and your guests.

When I am photographing the final moments of Bridal Prep, a second photographer can capture your ceremony room set up and then your guests arriving and greeting each other. Both of your expressions can be captured at the same time such as the groom’s reaction whilst the bride is walking down the aisle. During your vows, my second photographer can photograph your guests reactions whilst I photograph you exchanging rings. It is often hard to move around during the wedding ceremony so with a second photographer you will receive alternative shots with myself photographing at the front and my second at the back of the venue. Or, both photographing from either side or the room capturing the story of both of your emotions.

Whilst I am shooting your group photographs, the second photographer can capture your guests enjoying canapes and garden games during the drinks reception. They can capture all of the beautiful wedding styling for your wedding breakfast whilst I photograph your bride and groom portraits along with more of the laughter and tears during your speeches.

Hello Creativity!

Along with a greater selection of photographs you will receive two perspectives of the same moment, alternative angles and an increased amount of creative and unusual shots whilst I focus on capturing the more traditional photos. One photographer can capture a close up detailed shot of a moments whilst the other can get a wider shot to include more of the setting too. Two photographers can also br great if you are short on time during your Bride and Groom portraits. Same moment, different shots.

Bigger weddings = more to photograph

If you have planned a large wedding with lots of guests and lots of different activities or entertainment for everyone to enjoy, with two photographers we are able document a lot more of those moments. Likewise, if you have lots of gorgeous wedding styling, decorations or personal touches, an additional photographer means every last detail can be beautifully documented.

Extra peace of mind

Finally, a second photographer is an additional back up, should the worst case scenario happen. If I was to fall ill or my car should breakdown on the way to your wedding, my second photographer would step in on my behalf. Should my camera gear malfunction their photographs also act as an additional back up. Thankfully, none of these scenarios have happened but it’s always good to have that extra piece of mind!

If I need to change my batteries, grab a drink, pop to the bathroom, set up lighting or even just get caught in conversation with a guest, my second photographer is there to carry on shooting and looking out for those special moments whilst I am unable to.

I hope this blog has enabled you to work out whether a second photographer is right for you and your wedding. If you have any further questions just pop me an email or if you would like more information about booking your wedding photography with me then I’d love to hear from you!

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January 7, 2022

Should you hire a second photographer for your wedding day?


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