What to wear for your Family Photoshoot

During the run up to your family photoshoot you may have a few questions. Where should we have our photoshoot? What should we do if it rains? What happens if my little ones have a tantrum?! However the words I hear the most are …  ‘I have no idea what to wear?! 

If this is you, then read on as this blog is full of top tips and helpful suggestions to enable you to feel confident in deciding your outfit choices!

I feel good!

Making sure that you and your family are feeling happy and confident in what you’re all wearing is key! When you feel good and comfortable, this shines through into your photos. My shoots are relaxed and full of fun and often involve silly games and activities to help you to engage with each other; allowing for gorgeous natural giggles rather than those cheesy forced smiles! So, wear something you love but can also move in! Though if you’d like to dress up and wear smart shirts and long dresses then go for it!

A splash of colour

When choosing what to wear, keep in mind that the colours need to compliment each other. I would recommend a maximum of 3-4 colours between you all and balancing colour with a mixture of neutrals. 

Along with complimenting each other, have a think about the location of your photoshoot and what colours will work well with your surroundings. For example; an autumn woods is a location full of colour already, oranges, greens and yellows. So, I wouldn’t recommend wearing multicoloured bold floral prints or bright pinks, purples and turquoise. Something neutral with pops of autumnal colours will work beautifully! 

I would also think about where in your home you would like your photographs to be displayed. If you want them in your blue and cream living room then maybe consider wearing colours that will co ordinate with blue. A helpful tip is to have a search on Pinterest for colour palettes and use one of those as the base your outfits.

This gorgeous little family chose some lovely neutral outfit choices which perfectly compliments their autumnal, woodland photoshoot.

Matchy Matchy!

Co-ordinating and matching are two different things. Don’t feel like you all need to be wearing blue, or even different shades of blue. If two of your are wearing the same colour of jeans, then make sure you’re wearing a different colour top. You could co-ordinate by wearing a scarf that matches someone else’s top! 

However do make sure your style of clothing match each other and that you’re all dressing like you’re going to the same place! Lets avoid Dad being dressed in a smart shirt and tie, and your son in a casual t-shirt and trainers. 

For this photoshoot, the Mum wore a scarf that matched the same colour of her sons bobble on his hat, along with a subtle pattern of stripes shown on his hat and the inside his coat. The main colours she chose are navy blue, yellow and burgundy.

What about patterns?

My wardrobe is FULL of patterns and I absolutely love wearing them, so if you do too, then this advice is key! 

Patterns can work if they are used sparingly, so please avoid everyone wearing a different pattern. One or two patterns within your family will work best otherwise your images can end up looking too busy. If your daughter wants to wear her favourite floral dress, then use the colours in that pattern as the base for the rest of your outfits.

This family chose to incorporate one patterned outfit; the Dad’s shirt, and then picked out colours that complimented the shirt and their photoshoot location.

Practicality is perfection!

Dress for the season and love the layers! No one is happy when they’re cold so feel free to bring layers; jackets, poncho, wooly hats & scarfs. As well as being practical, layers can add variety to your photos by mixing up your outfits, some with your jackets, some without. You could create two completely different looks, just with the addition of a coat or jacket!

If you’re having a family beach photoshoot during the summer, then make sure you are all wearing summery clothes and suncream! You may want to wear shorts or a short dress to enable you to dip your toes in the sea! If your little ones are wearing dresses then its a great idea to pop some little shorts over their nappies or knickers.

Lets have happy feet! Please think about your choice footwear. As much as I love stilettos, they may not be the most practical if you’re having a woodland photoshoot, maybe opt for sturdy boots with a thick heel instead? Sandals for summer, wellies for winter. And finally, if the weather is terrible, we can either splash in puddles or happily rearrange!

One shoot, two looks with the simple addition of a coat! Also, can you see how the Daughters tights are matching the Dads top?!

Anything to avoid?

Personally I would avoid wearing bold patterns such a stripes, large polka dots and big motifs or logos. These can be a distraction and pull the eye towards your clothing rather than you and the moment being captured. 

Try to avoid the extremes, for example; clothes that can be overly revealing such as super low cut tops, short dresses or shorts, tight clothing that may ride up or loose trousers that may fall down. Since my family photoshoots often involve a bit of movement or sitting down on the floor,  clothing that is pretty but practical works best!

Also, I’d recommend avoiding wearing all black or all white clothing and instead opt for creams, greys and navy blues. This prevents your outfits from either being too dark or standing out too much and being too contrasty. Overall, light, neutral or earthy tones always work well, mixed in with a splash of colour or pattern.

The finishing touches

When you have all your outfits decided hang them up or pop them all on the floor and see how they all look together. Make sure to even choose your socks! A bright pair of orange socks could either massively clash or be a fun little addition if they work with the other colours. Feel free to wear some accessories and if you have a blanket or umbrella that you want to bring, then make sure that works with your outfit colours too. When family shoots involve newborns or little ones, I often capture close ups of you holding them or having tummy tickles, so be aware that your hands may be on show so any chipped nails will be visible.

family of 5 people sitting cuddled up together during a family photoshoot

Notice the cute use of accessories in the girls outfits and the pink dresses to compliment the flowers at the beach.

Be true to yourself!

At the end of the day, you need to be you! Along with capturing authentic family moments, laughter and natural smiles, I want you to be able to look back on your photos and for them to reflect the real you and your family during that moment in time. For this, it’s important that you all wear clothes that make you feel like you, and reflect your true style. There is no point in specifically buying something which you’ll never wear again or feel uncomfortable in.

Notice that because there is lots of colour in this poppy field photoshoot, the family decided to wear light, plain clothing to allow the colourful location to stand out. And look at those little floral boots! What a gorgeous finishing touch!!

Lets have some fun!

I hope this blog has helped solve your ‘but what should we wear?!’ question and that you are feeling as excited as I am about your upcoming family photoshoot! If you have not yet booked a family shoot with me then feel free to get in touch either via email: info@aimeejoy.com or through my contact page on my website: https://aimeejoy.com/contact

You can find more information on my family photoshoots, prices and packages here.

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April 20, 2021

What to wear for your Family Photoshoot


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